Professional Copywriter


Here's Why your Business Can't Survive Without an Excellent Copywriter

Most lay people don't know what a copywriter does until they actually need one. A copywriter, not to be confused with copyright, is a professional who writes copy or words in pursuit of trying to sell something to a specific audience. To understand it a little better, think Don Draper from the hit show "Mad Men. " He was a copywriter who worked on Madison Avenue, hence the name of the show. He worked with companies that needed help with telling their stories in a manner that would attract paying customers.  

On the hit show TV show "Full House" from the late 80s to early 90s, characters Jessie and Joey formed an ad agency where they wrote jingles and funny skits for radio commercials. They too were copywriters. 

The works of copywriters are all around us. Ride the train into work every day and gaze upon clever, cheeky ads? Well, those are written by copywriters. Take the I95 en route to Virginia Beach for a weekend getaway and see billboards by the likes of McDonald and Denny's? Well, those ads are also written by copywriters. Watch TV commercials that interrupt "Scandal" or "Criminal Minds" time. Yup, copywriters are to "blame" for those too. 

If you're a newly minted business person, copywriting or the act of writing to sell may be new to you. To cut down on cost, some new business owners choose to do everything on their own, including copywriting. However, writing effective copy is a process- seldom do you knock it out of the park the first time around. There's a lot of research to be done on your target audience to reveal things such as their likes, dislikes and their propensity to buy a service or product like yours. 

Some companies spend months collecting data before they even write a piece of copy; doing so prematurely might be costly and ineffective. Whether you decide to hire a copywriter or do the copywriting yourself, do your due diligence by conducting your research first.