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Stay Away from Dream Snatchers

Have you ever had an "aha" moment? How did that feel? I bet you were you bursting at the seams with excitement? It felt good, huh? You knew that whatever idea you received from the universe, with the right resources, it would be a hit. 

Then you did the unthinkable. You told the wrong people your billion dollar idea- people in your life you already knew their brains aren't wired like yours. They're not dreamers. "You're a farm girl from Nebraska, you'll never make it", they said. "Banks aren't giving no Black man no loans for some crazy idea", your uncle who never amounted to anything curtly advised. 

And just like that, your enthusiasm became lukewarm. You shelved it somewhere in your subconscious with all the other your other billion dollar ideas. 

Isn't it time to un-file one or two of those ideas and give yourself an opportunity to see if they would work? 

Don't you owe it to yourself to bet on you? Aren't you worth it? Aren't you meant to call yourself an entrepreneur, or inventor, or creator? 

The next time you have "aha" moment (trust me, you'll have plenty more), act fast. Align yourself with people you know who'd get it. And even if they all don't get into formation with your idea, pursue your idea on your own anyway!

shirley Jean-Baptiste