Rates  Given Upon Request 


Product Descriptions 

If you have an E commerce store, chances are you need product descriptions. I will write you fun and colorful descriptions to help your products stand out.  Rates are given up request.  


Hey, your team gave it their best shot. They created content but something missing. That's where I come and diagnose what's wrong with your piece of copy. 

Web Copy

Okay, so your ideal customer/client makes it onto your site, how can you keep him or her on long enough to "BOOK NOW" or "SHOP HERE" ? Great copy, along with a seamless web design are paramount in helping your target audience to stick around for a minute or three.  


Professional Bios

Professional bios serve as a marketing piece. Your target audience wants to know who you and your team are and what qualifies you to be offering a particular service or product. 

Blog Posts

It's been said that content is KING! Can you keep up with the industry standard to churn out at least 16 pieces of content each month? If not, let's talk!