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3 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

If you're like me when you feeling uninspired to do anything work related, you start fixing things in your house. Clearly, the little knob on your pantry door needs some tightening up. Why not do it when you have a tight deadline to meet? You've been meaning to get your closet organized. Why not skip the next thing on your content calendar in pursuit of placing your professional clothes on one side of the closet and your club outfits on the opposite end?

Of course, I'm being facetious. But, as an entrepreneur, there are days when you just don't feel motivated for whatever reason. It could be that your business isn't doing so well and you believe that any attempts of trying to fix things are futile. It could also be something going on in your personal life that's permeating into business life.

Whatever your reason for feeling unmotivated, this may be detrimental to your business and your self-confidence. People are expecting you to show up. Don't invite people to your party and ask them to entertain themselves.  Also, after everything is spic and span in your house, including your closet that looks like something out of HDTV, you'll start feeling guilty for not getting any real work done. 

Below are some tips you can try to remain motivated

Look at your vision board. If you don't have one, here's a link featuring Comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey talking about why he uses them. Vision boards outline your goals by using visuals cues, either in the photos or printed words.  Looking at your vision board is supposed to motivate you to get to working; it's not meant to overwhelm you. It gives you a glimpse of the finish line. 

Get an accountability partner. Get someone who’s doing what you’re doing to help you stay in check. This person will probably need your help too. Sometimes it’s easy to encourage others than to encourage yourself. Ask a friend or a classmate to team up and hold you accountable for getting things done.

Consult a business coach. A business coach is a paid professional who helps you stay on course with your goals. They take into consideration your past, present and where eventually you want to go in your career or business. They arm you with the necessary tools to help you set actionable goals. Can't afford a business coach? There are plenty of videos on YouTube featuring self- help gurus.  

Here are some of the popular self-help gurus and business coaches that help me stay motivated:  

One of my go-to gurus is Lisa Nichols. I saw her for the first time on an episode on the now defunct, The Oprah Winfrey. She was on the guests talking about The Secret and the law of attraction. I'm currently reading her book, Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today.

I absolutely adore Marie Forleo. She's a self-proclaimed multi-passionate entrepreneur and business coach. She's also a former hip hop dance instructor, so her personality shines through when she gives talks and conducts interviews on her channel, MarieTv.

Tony Robbins is the Grand Puba of personal development. He has been in the game for years, so he really doesn’t need an introduction. A simple google search will leave you with a plethora of links to his work and videos. 

Remember, if you're feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated you're certainly not alone. Try not to beat yourself up about. Use these tips to kick start your engine into high gear.  

Please comment below on ways you get yourself out of feeling uninspired.